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    21 Perfect Halloween Costumes For Introverts

    Please don't ask me what I'm supposed to be.

    1. Silent Film Star

    Not speaking is basically the entire costume.

    2. No Face

    Trail the people you love at a distance before melting away into the shadows. Or, you know, don't.

    3. Silent Bob

    Get a more outgoing friend to be Jay.

    4. Shy Ronnie

    All you need is a sweater, glasses, a microphone, and again, a far more effusive friend to be Rihanna.

    5. Full-Coverage Dinosaur

    Conceal your face from the world.

    6. This.

    It's all over the internet so it may as well be all over you.

    7. Shyguy

    You don't have to mess with Mario and Luigi unless you really want to.

    8. Mummy

    9. Hodor

    All you need to say all night is, of course, "Hodor."

    10. Pikachu

    This, too, only requires the endless repetition of a single word.

    11. Hamster in a Ball

    12. Emily Dickinson

    Homegirl hardly ever left her house.

    13. Minecraft Steve

    Nobody will know what you're up to under there.

    14. Moaning Myrtle

    With that toilet seat around your neck, nobody is going near you.

    15. TARDIS

    Flickr: melodramababs

    If someone tries to talk to you, simply transport yourself to another time and place.

    16. Stick Figure

    For added people repellant, draw a frowny face instead.

    17. Charlie Brown

    18. Holden Caulfield

    19. Cat Burglar Cat

    If it all gets to be too much, just steal away hahahahahhaa sorry.

    20. Frank

    Equal parts creepy and cozy (OK maybe heavier on the creepy).

    21. The U.S. Government

    RSVP to plenty of parties, and then just don't show up!!! The world will speak of your brilliance for years to come.

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