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23 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Pun-Lover In You

The world may groan, but you'll be giggling on the inside.

1. Pot Heads

2. Jackie-O-Lantern

3. Photobomb

4. Lego My Eggo

5. The Gingerbread Man

6. Cereal Killer

7. Holy Shit

8. Ceiling Fan

9. Pig in a Blanket

10. Miss Universe

@YayaHan I made up my own costume...Miss Universe...pun intended.Silly, yes..but I had fun with it!:)

11. Fork in the Road

12. Heisen-burger

13. Breadwinner and Dust Bunny

14. One Night Stand

15. Freudian Slip

16. Under the Weather

17. Plato/Play-Doh

Watch out world, @PatSivdecki is about to get 'pun'ny #halloween

18. Shooting Star

19. Monkey Business

20. Diction-fairy

21. French Kiss

22. For the gourd that wants to participate: Pumpkin Pi.

23. And for the four-legged pal who doesn't want to feel left out: Chia Pet.