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    21 Easy Hair And Makeup Ideas For Halloween

    With nothing but the contents of your bathroom and the outer limits of your ~imagination~, you can have a costume in no time.

    1. Deer Makeup

    You can pull this off with stuff you probably already have in your makeup bag.

    2. Pop Art Makeup

    Get the full tutorial here.

    3. Edward Scissorhands Hair and Makeup

    Find out how to do it yourself here.

    4. Daenerys Targaryen Hair

    5. Greyscale Hair and Makeup

    Bring all your black-and-white film dreams to life.

    6. Flapper Hair

    So you can floss your Daisy Buchanan.

    7. Fox Makeup

    Get this foxy look here. (Seriously, sorry.)

    8. Medusa Hair

    Get this sssssexy look here. (Sorry.)

    9. Medusa Look for Natural Hair

    Get this amazing tutorial here.

    10. Toy Soldier Makeup

    Directions here.

    11. Lion Makeup

    Get these adorable directions here.

    12. Walter White Makeup

    Excise your finale feels by becoming the man himself.

    13. Werewolf Makeup

    You won't have to tweeze your eyebrows for weeks.

    14. Zombie Makeup

    Terrify your enemies, fascinate your lovers.

    15. Cheshire Cat Makeup

    Stretch your own grin here.

    16. Porcelain Doll Makeup

    17. Long-Hair-into-Short-Hair

    18. Eye-Lips

    Get this totally creepy yet totally compelling tutorial here.

    19. Gaping Wound Makeup

    20. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup

    Directions here.

    21. Lucille Ball Hair

    And if you're feeling really high level...