21 Gigantic Knitted Things You’d Love To Cuddle Up With

Crocheted too. It’s like getting a hug from the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

1. This huge pile of knitted goodness.

By artist Bauke Knottnerus.

2. And this even more colossal piece.

Also by Knottnerus. Just look how pumped he is.

5. These bulky bits ‘n’ pieces.

That’s Christien Meindertsma at work.

6. These monumental scissors.

Who knew enormous pieces of sharp metal could look so cozy. By Studio XAG.

7. This park-sized net filled with bouncy balls.

Called “The Giant Knitting Nancy,”, the installation took place on Canary Wharf in London.

8. This tremendous crocheted doily.

By Kristina Gerig as part of a Design Sponge scholarship contest.

9. These immense scarves.

By designer Giles Deacon.

10. This massive carrot.

Available from Phildar.

15. These voluminous fruits.

From Rowen & Wren.

16. This rabbit that seriously destroys all concept of size.

It’s by the art collective Gelitin and you need to go look at all their other amazing projects right now.

17. This large living sculpture.

By Johan Kus.

18. This considerable beanbag chair.

From Sukha.

19. This mondo blanket.

You can make it yourself!

20. Here’s another demonstration of gigantic knitting.

You can either buy huge needles (I have a set of 50s that are more like broom handles) or make them yourself, using PVC pipes or, fittingly, broom handles.

21. And even if you don’t have enormous needles, you can always use your arms.

Arm-knitting is an incredibly fast and tactilely-pleasing way to whip up these huge projects for yourself. Wondering where to find such big yarn? You can buy it, or get creative by holding a ton of strands of more standard-weight yarn together at once (I think my record is 14) or by slicing up old sheets and t-shirts to make fabric yarn. The world is your oyster.

If you dig tiny knitting as much as huge knitting, then you, my friend, have just had your day made.

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