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18 Products The World Never Asked For

"It's like underpants, but for wine."

1. These Minion face masks.

Get a set of 3 for $36 from Japan Trend Shop.

2. These two-person mittens.

Get them from Skymall for $34.99.

3. Jeans-underwear.

Get 'em from Japan Trend Shop for $48.

4. This rhinoceros beetle earring.

Get it from Japan Trend Shop for $52.

5. This pizza-scented t-shirt.

Available from Skymall for $9.75.

6. Or this hot-dog-scented shirt.

Available from Skymall for $9.75.

7. A selfie toaster.

Get it from Hammacher Schlemmer for $69.95.

8. Tampon flasks.

Get the set of 5 on Amazon for $13.95.

10. Or underpants for your hands.

Get 'em from Amazon for $10.78.

11. Or for your wine.

Get this from Amazon for $8.19.

12. This three-foot-tall pepper mill.

Get it from Hammacher Schlemmer for $189.95.

13. These slightly slanted wine glasses.

Get the set of two from Hammacher Schlemmer for $24.95.

14. This T-rex trophy.

Get it from Skymall for $139.95.

15. Or this great white shark trophy.

It's $604.20 at Skymall.

16. Or how about this extremely oversized clownfish trophy?

Just a cool $1995 from Skymall.

17. This "Doody Head" game.

Get it from Amazon for $12.16.

18. And this yodeling pickle

idek. Get it from Amazon for $12.19.

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