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    Posted on Nov 23, 2014

    21 Gifts For People Obsessed With Their Pets

    Because pets appreciate you more than humans ever will.

    1. Pet Umbrella

    2. DJ Scratch Pad

    For the coolest cat you know.

    3. Hamster Ball and Track

    4. Cat Massage Center

    5. PetPeek Fence Window

    So they can see what's beyond the confines of their small, circumscribed lives.

    6. Cat Crib

    7. Bird Shower Perch

    8. Dog Water Fountain

    9. Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

    10. Festive Canine Cupcakes

    11. The Canine Raincoat

    12. Catnip Joints

    13. Automatic Litter Box

    What's $400 in the face of unimaginable luxury?

    14. Aquarium Coffee Table

    For the fish with FOMO.

    15. Toilet Dog Bowl

    For the canine who wants to feel a little bit bad.

    16. Festive Pet Bed

    Meowry Christmas.

    17. Dog Pool Float

    18. Pet Activity Tracker[]=search%7Cpet&pos=12

    19. Fish Apartment

    21. PetChatz

    So you can chat with your pets (and give them treats) even from across the world.

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