Furbish-To-English Translation Guide

So that you too can begin to understand the nonsensical chirps of the hot new toy sweeping the nation. They start to learn English pretty quickly, but they never stop being kinda menacing.

1. “E-tah” = “Yes”

2. “Boo” = “No”

3. “Koh-koh” = “More”

4. “Boh-bay” = “Worry”

5. “Dah lee-koo wah!” = “Big sound!”

6. “Kah-toh-loo-may-tay” = “Me like kisses”

7. “Nee-tye kah” = “Tickle me”

8. “Kah mee-mee noo-loo” = “I’m very happy”

Who wouldn’t be, in that sweet Elvis gear?

9. “Wee-tee kah wah-loh” = “Sing me to sleep”

10. “Kah-mee-mee-ah-tay” = “I’m very hungry”

My mom’s last name is Furey and sometimes she gets mail addressed to “Mrs. Furby.”

11. “Kah boo ay-ay u-nye” = “I can’t see you”

12. “Boo-koo-doh-e-day” = “Don’t feel good”

13. “May-bee” = “Maybe”


Special thanks to all the Angelfire websites featuring astoundingly comprehensive translations.

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