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    17 Foods That Forgot How To Food

    You had one job.

    1. This recession-conscious pizza.

    2. These seasonally confused donuts.

    3. These highly literal bananas.

    4. This irreconcilable burger and cheese.

    "And STAY OUT!"

    5. These sneaky citruses.

    6. This lost and lonely sprinkle.

    7. These ears of corn that wanna make you cry.

    8. These black-and-white cookies that don't adhere to the color binary.

    9. These rebellious oranges.

    10. This system-bucking pizza.

    11. These juices that didn't finish reading the sign.

    12. These Snickers that know their true value.

    13. All of these guys who know that deep down, they're meant to be watermelons.



    I mean to be fair, they ARE large and seedless.


    17. And this waking nightmare.