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    First-Ever 3-D Photo Booth Makes Figurines Instead Of Pictures

    Instead of getting your photo taken, you get a tiny doll of yourself.

    A Japanese creative lab called PARTY opened an exhibit where guests can have their pictures taken and converted into figurines.

    Called OMOTE 3D SHASHIN KAN, the exhibit runs from Nov. 24 through Jan 15; reservations are completely filled up, and there is no waiting list. It costs between 21,000 and 42,000 yen per person, or about $260 to $500 dollars, but there's a discount for pairs and groups.

    You have to hold still for up to 15 minutes while the images are taken.

    The website also recommends wearing simple, solid-colored clothing and no "fluffy" or "mesh" materials, so leave your faux-fur onesie at home.

    The figurines come in three sizes, ranging from 10 cm to 20 cm.

    And it takes about a month for PARTY to create and send them to you.

    The real question is, what do you do with the figurine once you have it? Do you build it the miniature dollhouse of your dreams, complete with a moat full of corgis and a room devoted entirely to pizza? Is it like The Sims, or Second Life, where you project all your hopes and fears and desires onto this tiny avatar? Or do you display it, static, for guests to see? Or (most likely) do you leave it in a drawer or on a shelf and one day while you're cleaning, stumble across it, and feel a funny jolt when you realize that it's you?

    This is how it works.

    View this video on YouTube


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