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24 Rad Father's Day Gifts That Aren't Ties

A strip of fabric is ever so thoughtful, but doesn't your dad deserve a little something extra?

1. For dads who love meat.

And want to wear their love on their sleeve.

2. For dads who rock.

Literally hahahahahahhaa.

3. For dads who are always losing their glasses.

Get it here.

4. For dads who want to make their own whiskey.

Get the customizable cask here.

5. For dads who want their own custom-blended whiskey but would prefer not to make it themselves.

6. For dads who cook.

And dig pheasants. Available here.

7. For dads who deserve a toast.

Print out this free customizable label here.

8. For cover dads.

Make your own magazine cover here, or buy a copy of the newly released Dad Magazine here!

9. For cribbage dads.

WANT. Available here.

10. For dads with billz.

Get this personalized money clip here.

11. For dads who dig breakfast in bed.

Just copy this redditor's 4-year-old kid.

12. For dads who can never find a bottle opener.

Get this personalized keyring one here.

13. For dads who believe in the power of fishing.

Get this v. scientifically accurate shirt here.

14. For dads who appreciate a homemade allusion to ties, even if they don't want an actual tie itself.

Find out how to make these gift bags yourself here.

15. For spicy dads ;)

Get this spice kit here.

16. For dads who are in touch with their feminine side.

17. For dads who like to golf.

Get these personalized golf tees here.

18. For dads who like to golf and also like Star Wars and also you can knit pretty well.

There just have to be one or two dads who fall perfectly at that intersection, right? Get the patterns here.

19. For nerdy dads.

It's printed with many, many digits of pi.

20. For dads who love the convenience of tablets but crave the soft, masculine feel of nature.

21. For old-school dads.

Available here.

22. For artsy dads.

He'll think of you every time he looks at this perfect painting.

23. For hairy dads.

Get this fogless shaving mirror here.

24. And for realistic dads.

Get it here.

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