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17 Father's Day Cards Your Dad Will Actually Want

Not a tie as far as the eye can see.

1. For dads who don't expect you to be modest.

2. For dads who embrace stereotypes.

3. For culinarily-inclined dads.

4. For geeky dads.

5. For feline-loving dads.

6. For tech-savvy dads.

7. For dude dads.

8. For more than one dad.

9. For dads who keep it together.

10. For fix-it dads.

11. For when the sprout doesn't grow far from the tree.

12. For punny AND hungry dads.

13. For smarty-pants dads.

14. For dads who know what's up.

15. For Danza dads.

16. For dads who appreciate the simple things.

17. And the greatest gift a dad could want.