24 Times Expectations Didn’t Match Reality In 2014

We dreamed big this year. Maybe a little ~too~ big.

1. When this charming autumnal baby photo was slightly less than charming.

Still very autumnal!

2. And this pumpkin moved a different baby to tears.

3. When this butt cookie could use a few squats.

4. When these marshmallow shots failed at their one job.


5. When this dandelion failed to delight.

Instead it just light.

6. And when this mobile was pretty much immobile.

7. When these people were traitors to their country.


9. When this dog did not GAF about this engagement shoot.

10. When this Rice Krispie turkey went beautifully, horribly awry.

11. When this manicure just manicouldn’t.

12. When this Jell-O shot tree yelled “timber.”

13. And when this magazine tree looked more like a hulking cubicle monster.

14. When this ornament said “help meeeee” instead of “awwww.”

15. And when these ornaments just gave up entirely.

16. When this gingerbread house was structurally unsound.

17. When this dog thought your Christmas card idea was absolute garbage.

“Really?? REALLY?!?”

18. When this lil mermaid forgot how to merm.

19. When this study hack induced a sugar coma.

20. When this rainbow cake turned out to be neither rainbow nor cake.

21. When these sheets wanted to roam free and wild.

22. When this smokey eye turned out more like a black eye.

23. When attempts to make the best of this busted iPhone only served as a reminder that life is fleeting and futile and our regrets linger long after we are cold in the ground.

24. When this happened.

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