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27 Everyday Objects That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

Somebody get this binder clip a medal.

1. This highly soothing drill.

2. And this sweet-toothed one.

3. These resourceful flip-flops.

They can be yours for the low price of $24.99.

4. These bold slippers.

Find the full instructions here.

5. This culinarily ambitious soda can.

6. This brave little binder clip.

Matthew Perry / Flickr: muteboy

7. And this binder clip that will totally keep your baby in line.

Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena / Via

It makes a great way to lock a tablet's home button.

8. This bobby pin that knows its true value.

9. Everything that went into making this a reality.

10. This retractable leash that might save your damn life*.

*Your book's life.

11. This doormat that just wants you to live well.

Available here.

12. This deeply sneaky VitaminWater.

13. This hanger that knows you deserve a good night's sleep.

14. This brave hair elastic.

It'll save your nails.

15. This rubber band that wants you to look your absolute best.

Find out how to make doing French tips so much easier.

16. This Alton Brown-approved egg carton.

No more unsightly, desperate squeezing of condiment bottles.

17. This fitted sheet that really needs a vacation.

18. This booze-concealing baguette.

You could always do it with apple juice too I guess.

19. This comb that will take one for the team.

James Baigrie / Via

20. This dishwasher that just wants your world-famous sangria to be a hit.

21. This hair straightener than can do so much more than, you know, straighten hair.

22. This iPod shuffle that's not too proud to help out in a pinch.

23. These Crocs that can FINALLY serve a useful purpose.

24. These illuminating crayons.

(The catch here is that the "emergency" might turn into "oh god all my crayons are on fire.")

25. This inexpressibly helpful mug.

The only ~ real ~ way to eat a burrito.

26. This duct tape that knows you can do anything you put your mind to.

27. And this book.

I do not condone the desecration of books for sport but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.