Easter And 4/20 Are On The Same Day This Year

Combining to form: EASTER GRASS. (Or Weedster, whatever floats your boat.)

1. In what is widely considered* to be the best hybrid holiday since Thanksgivukkah, the day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s rebirth happens to also be the day we celebrate smoking a whole bunch of weed.

*Among roughly 15 people at BuzzFeed and some other folks on reddit.

2. So how do you properly celebrate this most glorious of days?

Besides the obvious ways.

3. Buy a set of pot-patterned plastic eggs for your Scavenger Blunt™.

They’ll blend in exceedingly well with the grass outside.

4. (Bonus points if you fill them with lighters, rolling papers, or just straight-up nugs.)

5. Exchange extra-special baskets.


You can probably make yours look a tad prettier, but hey, dance what you feel.

6. MacGyver a chocolate rabbit bong.

The odds of it melting are pretty much 100%, but dare to dream.

7. Remember the moments forever with this commemorative pin?


8. Treat yourself to an all-cannabis cream egg.

It’s apparently made of blonde hashish with a hash oil center, ENJOY RESPONSIBLY PLZ.

9. It’s up to you, however, to navigate your family dinner on your own.


We’ll be featuring a few original projects to help you celebrate Easter Grass to the fullest on BuzzFeed DIY.

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