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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    9 Things You'll Definitely Lose In 2016

    *Sarah McLachlan plays as I survey my sock drawer*

    1. One half of your favorite pair of socks.


    But you'll keep the other until eternity, taunting you, reminding you of better days gone by.

    2. Every bobby pin you've ever bought.

    Boyzzzzz / Getty Images

    THEORY: the bobby pin lobby (Bobby Lobby™) sends thieves into your bathroom during the night so you have to keep buying them back in perpetuity.

    3. Lip balm.

    Did you know that nobody in the history of the world has ever finished a lip balm? It's science.

    4. Any and all loyalty punch card thingies.

    StockHype / Thinkstock

    If you magically got them all back you'd never have to pay for coffee, wine, or froyo again.

    5. All of your relevant possessions the second you have to run out the door.

    You can buy this very important cross-stitch here.

    6. Umbrellas, every one.

    Andrzej Tokarski / Getty Images

    7. The remote.

    Thawats / Getty Images

    Especially at your parents' house.

    8. The innocence and unbounded possibility of youth.

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    9. Tweezers.

    Bonus points if they cost as much as a reasonably nice bottle of wine.

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