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13 DIY Ideas Straight From New York's Runways

Dressing like a supermodel doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

1. Bleach-Patterned Dress at Rachel Comey

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Find out how to make your own bleach stamps here and your wardrobe will never be safe again.

Draw your own patterns using bleach with this tutorial.

2. Glittery Collar at Tory Burch

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Make your own with this tutorial and prepare to find glitter on everything you own for the rest of your earthly days.

3. Giant Cowl at Lindsay Degen

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

Crochet your own puff-stitch cowl with this pattern.

4. Gold Collar Necklace at Creatures of Comfort

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

This necklace is made of pasta so it's basically witchcraft.

5. Button Top at Lela Rose

Arun Nevader / Getty Images

A top entirely covered in buttons could be insanely heavy (not to mention noisy) so take inspiration from Lela Rose and use buttons as an accent or design. Directions here.

6. Bangle Necklace at Chadwick Bell

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

A whole army of these necklaces walked down the runway at Bell's show; a similar idea was shown at Dries Van Noten for Winter 2008, and a blogger came up with simple instructions for that DIY. Just use monochromatic enamel bangles here, and make sure your neck is up for the challenge of supporting pounds of jewelry.

7. Tie-Dye Gowns at Rodarte

Arun Nevader / Getty Images

Use that awesome circular tie-dye look on a shirt or a long cotton dress (this one from American Apparel would work well) with these directions.

8. Crocheted Appliqués at Lindsay Degen

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

Make your own alphabet patches with these directions and sew them on to a sweatshirt, tote bag, or anything else that could use some personalization. (Bonus points if they're backward.)

9. Metal Headband at Rodarte

Arun Nevader / Getty Images
Arun Nevader / Getty Images

Use an old necklace to easily make your own.

10. Knitted Shoulder Shrug at Costello Tagliapietra

Brian Ach / Getty Images

Find instructions for a basic shrug here and directions for how to knit a leaf-lace pattern here.

11. Crystal-Studded Dragonfly Dress at Thakoon

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Arrange them into a dragonfly shape or keep it loose with a more random pattern. Directions here.

12. Slouchy Hat at Rebecca Minkoff

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

And at Creatures of Comfort

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Knit your own with this pattern from Happy Knits.

Or if you can't/don't want to knit, recycle an old sweater. You can choose whether or not to include the ties.

13. Printed Socks at Opening Ceremony

Mark Von Holden / Getty Images

Learn how to make your own fabric stamps and print an inexpensive pair of kneesocks. The world is now your runway.