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    Condom-Themed Restaurant Features All-Condom Wedding Dress

    The restaurant's tagline: "Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy."

    Called "Cabbages & Condoms," the Bangkok restaurant was developed in part to raise awareness about safe sex, family planning and HIV/ AIDS in Thailand.

    According to the restaurant's website, all proceeds go to support Thailand's Population and Community Development Association. It's a non-governmental organization that promotes family planning and has been active since 1974.

    The restaurant is decorated with condoms from around the world and incredibly intricate condom statues.

    Yes, that is a condom wedding dress.

    I honestly can't say whether "Santa Condom," "Captain Pill," or "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH" is the best part of this photo.

    Apart from the house "Cabbages & Condoms Steak," there aren't contraception-related punny foods on the menu.

    Probably reasonable.

    And instead of after-dinner mints, they offer condoms at the end of your meal.

    While one of Thailand's many political parties is called "Democrat," I have no earthly idea what distinction they're trying to draw here.

    A blogger who visited the restaurant in February wrote, "I’ve found most themed restaurants to be gimmicky with terrible food, but Cabbages and Condoms didn’t fit this stereotype. I’d definitely return whenever I next find myself in Bangkok."

    She's not alone; because of Cabbages & Condoms' success, a British branch was just launched in late November. According to The Guardian, "The name of the eatery refers to the idea that people should buy condoms alongside everyday mundane items such as cabbages."

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