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Updated on Oct 30, 2018. Posted on Sep 26, 2015

28 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

You'll be the only Toaster Strudel at the party.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We asked the weird geniuses of the BuzzFeed Community to show us some of their best-ever DIY Halloween costumes.

Here are some of their most inspiring, impressive, and downright ridiculous responses.

1. Juice Box

2. Third Grade Picture

PEW PEW PEW. — lindseybauthor.

3. Mac and Cheese

"In third grade, my mom told me I could be anything I wanted to be…. so I was macaroni and cheese." — emmad42.

4. Toaster Strudel

5. Walkman

"I'm an 80s kid, what can I say?" — Hayburners.

6. ...and a matching cassette.

This is, as the kids say, hella #relationshipgoals. — Hayburners.

7. Movie Theater Floor

Delish. — RaygunLover.

8. Captain Underpants

9. The Death of Print

10. Bubble Tape

11. Franzia

"My husband was a box of Franzia. Yes, it worked. He had wine for everyone at the party!" — letf0reverbe.

12. Jess from "New Girl"

13. Dr. Frank N. Furter

14. Tree

"Every little girl wants to be a princess… Or a tree." — Racer.

15. Rapunzel

"Complete with a wearable castle." — carlij3.

16. Zombie Diane Keaton from "Something's Gotta Give"

17. Tank Girl

18. Pop Art

19. Banksy

20. Leslie Knope

21. Bambi

22. Breaking the Glass Ceiling

23. Elliott and E.T.

If you have a baby or a dog on hand, swaddle them in a towel and BOOM, you've got your E.T. — oliviab4e.

24. Young Link

25. Headless Bride

26. Grumpy Cat

All you need is a fur vest, ears, and an open mind re: your makeup kit. — Erika Weiss.

27. Llama Del Rey

28. And the most meta costume of all.

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