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25 Clever Tricks To Make Your Summer So Much Better

You're meltinnnnnng. But you don't have to be!

1. Buckle your seatbelt when you leave your car so it's not SCORCHING HOT when you return.

2. Put your phone in a plastic bag for an instant (and cheap) waterproof case.

3. Stinky, sweat-riddled car? NOT ANYMORE.

4. Dryer sheets work wonders in luggage as well.

5. And shoes!

6. Get to relax at your own barbecue with a remote meat/grill thermometer.

7. Ensure your freezer pops get a clean cut by standing them upright.

8. Open a can even once it's been shaken.

9. Become the S'MORE MASTER.

10. And the HOT DOG CZAR.

11. Get a bed fan to make your sheets nice and crisp.

12. Use a drink cozy to guard your hand against a scorching hot gear shift.

13. Speaking of cold booze, a wet paper towel + a freezer will cool any bottle down in a hurry.

14. If you need to entertain a large group of people (read: drunkards), use trash cans and a volleyball to play a gigantic game of beer pong.

15. Reading while lazing around at the beach just got a whole lot easier.

16. Protect your valuables at the beach with this quasi-gross diaper disguise.

17. Baby powder will make sand come right off your skin.

18. Rub lemon juice on sweat stains before putting your clothes in the wash.

19. Create your own makeshift sprinkler with a two-liter bottle.

20. Float your tunez in any pool with waterproof speakers.

21. Keep your drinks from tipping over on the beach or in the grass with these handy stands.

22. Love popsicles but hate sticky hands? Cupcake liners have your back.

23. It's probably a last resort, but panty liners can work wonders to help fight pit stains.

24. Creamy baby oil can repel mosquitos and won't smell horrible.

25. As for getting that beach body you've always wanted...


Step 1: Have a body. Step 2: Go to the beach. YAYYY YOU DID IT HAVE A GREAT SUMMER.