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    21 Clever Tricks To Make Any Wedding So Much Easier

    Pledging to spend your life with someone is a huge deal; don't let the seating chart and thank-you notes stress you out.


    1. Number your RSVP cards so each one corresponds to a guest. / Via

    So if guests fill them out incorrectly or illegibly, you'll still know who's coming.

    2. Make a new email account specifically for wedding planning.

    So you can stay organized and not be spammed by vendors four months after the honeymoon.

    3. Check out Recycle Your Wedding to buy secondhand wedding items for much cheaper.

    They have everything from decorations to gowns.

    4. Seal a bunch of envelopes with water and a foam brush.

    Save your tongue all that (relatively gross) effort.

    5. Or use thank-you postcards to cut out the envelope entirely.

    6. Use a personalized return address stamp (or stickers) to save tons of time.

    Get a custom stamp here.

    7. Wedding/bridal shows offer tons of free giveaways and access to vendors.

    Be wicked efficient and bring along a sheet of address label stickers to make filling out a ton of forms a snap.

    8. Figure out your seating chart with color-coordinated sticky notes.

    For easy reshuffling when you realize that Derek from Accounts Payable has slept with three of the people he's supposed to be sitting with.

    9. Register someplace that lets you exchange duplicates or unwanted gifts for cash.

    Policies can vary, so check with the store in question first, but it prevents the hassle of owning three George Foreman grills and/or ending up with store credit at a place you'll never set foot in again.

    10. When you're unwrapping gifts, ask someone else to write down givers' names on sticky labels so you can keep track.

    Once the wrapping paper is off and the gift tags have been lost in the trash, it can be impossible to remember who gave what otherwise.

    11. If you're invited to a wedding, set the date as a recurring calendar alert in your phone.

    That way, you'll remember the couple's anniversary every year. This is also a v. good trick for forgetful husbands and wives.

    12. Have activity books on hand to entertain squirmy kids.

    Also, squirmy adults. Get this free printable here.

    13. Attach tiny weights to the bridesmaids' hems to keep their dresses from flying up on a windy day.

    Unless that's the look you're going for.

    14. And use veil weights to keep the bride's headpiece from flying away.

    15. If there's a chance it could be hot during the ceremony, make or buy programs that double as fans.

    Your guests will be jazzed.

    16. A little baby powder on your inner thighs helps curb sweating, squeaking, and chafing.

    TMI, perhaps, but wedding dresses are waaaaarm.

    17. Prevent heels from sinking into the ground with Solemates.

    18. Make a comprehensive list of people who can handle issues the day of (excluding, of course, the bride).

    Brooke Courtney / / Via

    19. If guests are giving checks as gifts, ask (politely!) that they be made out to just one member of the couple, or to both with "or" rather than "and" in between.

    Many banks have different policies regarding deposits and joint accounts, so it's best to cover your bases. Guests should also have a heads up if one or both members of the couple are changing their last names.

    20. Have guests fill out envelopes with their addresses at the reception to make thank-you notes that much simpler to send.

    You could even draw one at the end of the reception as a raffle for SWEET PRIZES.

    21. Invest in one of these.

    Whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or an out-of-town guest who hasn't seen any of these people in years: You'll need it.

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