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    24 Extremely Dope Halloween Pumpkins

    Yer a pumpkin, Harry.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their dopest Halloween pumpkins. Here are the best of their responses:

    1. Jack Skellington Pumpkin

    2. Heisenberg Pumpkin

    3. Tailgater Pumpkin

    4. Mummy Pumpkin

    5. Shaun of the Dead Pumpkin

    6. Frozen Pumpkin

    7. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

    8. Harry Potter Pumpkin

    This one required the use of power tools, so no worries if your skills aren't quite there yet.

    β€” einwunder

    9. Minion Pumpkins

    10. Guinness Pumpkins

    11. Daria Pumpkin

    12. Troll Pumpkin

    Featuring a Jem and the Holograms wig.

    β€” karikachinskeb

    13. Kool-Aid Man Pumpkin

    14. Hey Arnold Pumpkin

    15. Hogwarts Pumpkin

    16. Jason Voorhees Pumpkin

    Somehow both terrifying and kind of cute?

    β€” katvondive

    17. Simba Pumpkin

    18. Evil Smirking Pumpkin

    19. Calavera Pumpkin

    20. He-Man Pumpkins

    21. Marauders Pumpkin

    22. Futurama Pumpkin

    23. Stitch Pumpkin

    24. And the most terrifying pumpkin of all:

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