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17 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Summed Up Your Relationship With Food

Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.

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1. When you're working out but the only thing you can think of is what you'll eat afterward.

2. Whenever you're out.

3. When you're asked about your drinking habits.


4. When you're feeling blue.

5. When you're scrolling through Tinder.

6. When your personal freedom is under siege.

7. When you're at a health food store.

8. When somebody tries to offer you vegetables.


10. When you truly commit.

11. When your friends can't pick a restaurant and then take too long to order and then have no earthly idea how to split a check.

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12. When you slide into someone's DMs.

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13. When you're trying to diet.

14. When someone asks you for a bite.

15. When you don't want to hear about your friend's breakup for the 1038572498745th time.

16. When everyone around you is a garbage person.

17. When the world doesn't believe in you, but you still believe in yourself.

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