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    19 Gifts For The Laziest Person You Know

    That person could very well be yourself.

    1. Wind-up salt and pepper shakers that come to you.

    So you never have to expend valuable reaching energy again.

    2. These secret sweatpants.

    3. A self-watering planter.

    Get it here.

    4. A little boat that apparently catches fish for you.

    5. A self-stirring chocolate milk cup.

    Available here.

    6. A cooler you can ride.

    If you have a spare thousand bucks.

    7. A lying-down desk.

    8. A gadget that turns your bed, couch, or other lazy lounging zone into a charger.

    9. This shirt that asks the important questions.

    Get it here.

    10. And this one.

    Get it here.

    11. Aaand this one.

    Get it here.

    12. This tap that means you never have to lift a heavy jug again.

    Which is great for folks who can't lift heavy objects, in addition to the just plain lazy.

    13. A hands-free wineglass holder.

    Get it here.

    14. A tray that cleans your jewelry in the dishwasher.

    The Grommet / Via

    Get it here and never polish your rings again.

    15. A robotic, roaming duster.

    Mocoro / Via

    Also a cat toy by nature. Get it here.

    16. This brutally honest mug.

    Available here.

    17. A facedown beach lounger. / Via

    To protect you from the sun's rays and having to sit up.

    18. These armpit stickers??

    For when you don't want to shave but don't want to look unshaven, I guess.

    19. A good old-fashioned clap lamp.

    Get the switch here.

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