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    Christina Aguilera May Have Taken A Little Inspiration From Beyoncé

    Aguilera's new song, "Your Body," has gotten a lot of attention as her long overdue comeback single. But wait — haven't we seen a few scenes in the song's music video before? There are no new ideas, after all.

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    In "Why Don't You Love Me," Beyoncé rocks the Lucille Ball look.

    Oh, look at that — Christina likes it too.

    Beyoncé gets sexy in front of her trailer in "Party."

    Xtina does the same in "Your Body."

    In "Party," Beyoncé chills on an intentionally ugly patterned couch.

    Twee accessory: bubbles.

    And in "Your Body":

    Twee accessory: pink bike.

    In "Why Don't You Love Me," Beyonce plays a hot mess in her bedroom.

    This diva can never have too much jewelry.

    In "Your Body," Christina acts similarly.

    This diva also can't have too much jewelry.

    In "Telephone" Beyoncé and Lady Gaga take a drive through the desert.

    Fuzzy dice, obviously.

    And in "Your Body":

    Hey cool dice.

    Remember "Diva"?

    It's practically vintage at this point, but how could you forget the explosion?

    Christina may have.

    I wonder how she got the fire pink. Hair dye?

    Beyoncé likes to party outside her trailer.

    From "Party."

    And — oh hey! So does Christina.

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    Check out Xtina's new single, then refresh your memory of Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me?", "Telephone" and "Party."

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