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    21 Brilliant Solutions To Life's Awkward Problems

    Being a person can be tough. Make it a little easier on yourself.

    1. Control annoying bra straps with a hidden tab.

    It's really easy to sew into any shirt or dress.

    2. Figure out someone's name with this easy trick.

    3. Put toilet paper over the the bowl to reduce excess splashing and noise when you poop.

    Especially key in highly populated public restrooms.

    4. Use a dry-erase marker to remind yourself not to shrink/destroy delicate clothes.

    So you'll never have to explain to your sister why she can only fit one boob in her stretch-lace cami.

    5. To avoid a collision with someone walking the other way, pick a side and stare directly toward it.


    "I find that if you make eye-contact, you both get confused," wrote Reddit user nakedintherain, "and end up doing that awkward, bemused shuffle from side-to-side. And even if it looks like they're not going to change course, maintain yours. Dominating confidence and shit." Words to live by.

    6. Banish autocorrect tyranny forever by setting your own shortcuts.

    7. Use lip balm to heal small shaving nicks.

    Trick everyone into believing you're a fully functional grown-up.

    8. Take pictures of a new haircut from all angles so you can show them to your hairdresser the next time around.

    9. Keep pants from bunching up inside boots with a clip.

    No more bending over in the middle of the sidewalk to shove fabric down your shoes.

    10. Never ask for help opening a stubborn jar again by using rubber gloves.

    11. Rubber bands open stubborn jars as well.

    12. As does duct tape.

    13. Prevent soap from dropping and sliding everywhere by keeping it in your loofah.

    14. Wrap tape around your hand for a last-minute lint roller.

    Cat lover + job interview = no problem.

    15. Get rid of yellow armpit stains with stuff you already have in your house.

    16. Avoid splashing yourself while filling a water bottle by turning the fountain nozzle outward.

    17. A fan and some dryer sheets quickly destinkify a rank room.

    18. Find your glasses case* at night with a dash of glow-in-the-dark paint.

    *or water cup, or phone charger, or anything else you'd like to access without making a huge mess.

    19. Figure out which side your exit is on immediately.

    This'll save you plenty of unnecessary swerving.

    20. On the first day(/week/month) of school, save your schedule as your phone's lock screen.

    That way a single glance will tell you where you're going.

    21. Never forget your keys OR leave your lights on again with this handy trick.

    You'll save time, energy, money, and dignity all in one fell swoop.

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