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    21 Pairs Of Baby Shoes That Will Make Your Ovaries Explode

    Or your brovaries.

    1. As Hemingway once famously wrote, "For sale/baby shoes/OMFG give me all of them ahhh so cute."

    Available here.

    2. Like, how is it even possible that a human could be this tiny?

    Buy them here.

    3. How is "0" a size that feet can be?

    Get the tutorial to make these yourself here.

    4. Babies can wear tiny boots.

    Buy these felted ones here.

    5. And weensy ballet flats.

    6. And the most miniscule slippers you can imagine.

    Get the incredibly easy tutorial here.

    7. They can channel their inner fearsome beast.

    8. And their inner bunny.

    Buy these delights here.

    9. Babies are the only living creatures who can pull off Crocs.

    Although the big ones look much better next to them.

    10. They can rock Vans.

    11. They even look good in Uggs.

    12. The baby who wears these will be hella athletic.

    13. This one will converse with flora and fauna.

    Find the pattern here.

    14. This one will twirl through the air with the greatest of ease.

    Once he or she learns to walk, that is.

    15. Hiii.

    Get them here.

    16. Yes hello.

    Available here.

    17. Haha WHAT I can't even.

    Find the pattern here.

    18. They're.

    Get the tutorial here.

    19. Just.

    20. So.

    21. Small.

    Reese Stanley / Via

    (Let's not even get started on socks.)


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