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    13 Babies Who Are Totally Over Easter

    Keep your chocolate eggs and precious baskets and bunny costumes to your damn self.

    1. This baby who just figured out that he is not actually a rabbit.

    And even if he were, what kind of rabbit lives in a NEST?! No kind, that's which kind.

    2. This baby who loathes pastels.

    Almost as much as florals.

    3. This one who thinks you look fat in that bunny suit.

    4. This one who searched all day and still couldn't find that last stupid plastic egg.

    "Maybe I forgot to check the garage? I should go check the garage. If only I could muster the strength to go on..."

    5. This guy who suffers from severe leporiphobia*.

    *Fear of rabbits, natch.

    6. This girl who can't believe how early she has to wake up for Mass.

    "You guys, it'll still be Easter at like noon."

    7. This dude who isn't going at all.

    8. This one who can't stand one more round of hymns.


    9. This tot who would gladly trade all his eggs for just one article of clothing.

    "I know it's March you guys but it's still really really cold, actually."

    10. This munchkin who would really prefer a bed.

    11. This infant who would totally leave this basket, if only she had learned to walk yet.

    Flickr: henry_friends

    "Once I develop motor skills I am way out of here."

    12. This one who knows alllllll about Bunnicula, thank you very much.

    Did you know that it's a musical now?

    13. And this poor, tormented soul.

    We feel u.