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17 Decor Choices That Are Dating Red Flags

So you've had a lovely evening, and they invite you back to their place, and then one of these telltale signs pops up. RUN.

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1. No books in sight.


Maybe they have a very demanding job that doesn't leave time for reading, or maybe they prefer to swill Jäger in their spare time instead of embarking on a journey through the hearts and minds of others, or maybe they migrated all their reading material to a Kindle and burned their physical books in a fire. Whatever the reason, they're a serial killer, get out.


8. Eerily bare walls.

Unless they recently moved in, this is a surefire sign that they a) have zero interests and/or b) are about to skip town for shady mob-related reasons. Only slightly better if the only decor is a handful of shitty movie posters or tear-stained pictures of their ex.


12. A pile of dirty laundry bigger than you.


A normal amount is totally fine; an entire wardrobe's worth screams "my mom biannually washes my stuff." Bonus points if said laundry pile clearly contains somebody else's bra/boxer briefs.


17. Surprise parents.


Moms are rad, dads are rad, and it's beyond reasonable to live with them after college or what have you — just don't try and pretend that you don't. Otherwise breakfast the next morning will be super fun.