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    18 Amazing Pieces Of "Game Of Thrones" Swag You Can Buy Online

    In honor of the impending third season. Bet you didn't know you needed a "Winter Is Coming" thong until this very minute.

    1. Tiny Crocheted Jon Snow

    Now you can cuddle him all you want. (Weird? No. Shh.)

    2. "Game of Thrones" Magnetic Poetry

    If this won't help you keep track of all the names, nothing will.

    3. Map of Westeros-Printed Skirt

    Available here.

    4. Baratheon Pub Ale Labels

    Drink every time you see blood or a boob. (Just kidding, don't do that, you'll die immediately.)

    5. Dire Wolf Scarf

    Bye, haters. Available here.

    6. "Winter Is Coming" Thong

    No words. Available here.

    7. Stark Family Nesting Dolls

    Available here.

    8. Khaleesi Mug Cozy

    It'll keep your coffee almost as warm as dragon fire.

    9. "Pointy End" Cross-Stitch

    Available here.

    10. Adorable Cube Direwolf

    Omg, cuteness is coming. Available here.

    11. "The Night Is Dark" Eye Chart

    Available here.

    12. Totally Real* Dragon Eggs

    *Not real.

    13. "I'd Eat A Horse Heart For You" Card

    If there's a better way to tell someone you love them, I'd like to hear what it is.

    14. Tyrion Lannister Earrings

    For those who have always dreamed of having Peter Dinklage's face forever hanging from their earlobes.

    15. "Winter Is Coming" Banner

    For fun parties.

    16. George R. R. Martin Made Out of Legos

    Available here.

    17. Stark Family Wine Charms

    Available here.

    18. "Katleesi" Print

    Okay cool, whatever makes you happy. Available here.

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