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19 Birdhouses You'll Want To Live In Yourself

Even if you, yourself, are not a bird.

1. This lil tire swing.

2. This converted teacup.

3. This minimalist raindrop.

4. This imitation hot air balloon.

5. This brutalist birdhouse.

6. This avian chalet.

7. This sports-y feeder.

8. This bird feeder that is shaped like a bird, which is a little weird if you stop to think about it, but whatever.

9. This clear house.

10. This former beer bottle.

11. This bread jail.

12. This Spongebob situation.

13. This Beatles tribute.

14. This custom birdhouse.

15. This miniature Costco.

16. This wee Airstream trailer.

17. This teeny church.

18. This weensy hotel.

19. This twee-as-heck bedside table.