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    26 Adorably Unusual Ways To Propose To Someone

    Because spending the rest of your life with your love should always begin with a QR code or a Golden Snitch.

    1. With a baseball.

    2. With Scrabble tiles.

    3. With adrenaline.

    4. With technology.

    5. At the bottom of a warm beverage.

    6. "Harry Potter"-style.

    7. Dr. Who-style.

    8. Pokémon-style.

    9. Legend of Zelda-style.

    10. For the musically inclined.

    11. And for the literary.

    12. Celebrate your shared love of food.

    13. (No matter how high- or low-brow).


    15. Brighten their lunchtime.

    16. Ask outside in public.


    18. And in nature.

    19. Keep it seasonal.

    20. Use the perks of your job to your advantage.


    22. Use a tiny token to ask a big question.

    23. And remember: You can always ask for a little help.