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    20 Adorable Handmade Stuffed Animals You Need To Hug Right Now

    These insanely lovable creatures are even more so because someone took the time to create them from scratch. Squeeeeeeeeee.

    1. Mama and Baby Hedgehogs

    2. Needled Felted Teddy Bear Hamster

    3. Bunny Egg Cozy

    4. Sleepy Little Fox

    5. Teeny Bird

    6. Jaunty Cat and Dog

    7. Stoic Bear and Bunny

    8. Miniature Penguin Bowling Pins

    9. Octopus Who Just Wants To Be Loved Even Though He's A Sea Creature

    10. Dog Who Looks So Real You Can Practically Hear Her Bark

    11. Giant Elephant Pillow

    12. Minimalist Whale

    13. Crocheted Koala

    14. Elijah the Elephant

    15. Big-Hearted Rhino

    16. Slightly-Scary-But-Still-Sweet Bat

    17. Recycled Sweater Lion and Elephant

    18. Cuddly Argyle Pig

    19. Peas in a Cozy Pod

    20. The Cutest Lil' Cthulhu You Ever Did See