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    28 Adorable DIY Gadget Cases

    Your phone doesn't deserve to be boring. Neither does your laptop, e-reader, tablet, or whatever else the kids are using these days.

    You can resize most of these projects to fit whatever item you want, whether you have a smartphone, dumbphone, or phone of perfectly average intelligence.

    1. Printable Phone Case Templates

    Just print them out here, slip them under a clear case, and you're done!

    2. Leather Phone Envelope

    Directions here.

    3. Favorite Photo Phone Case

    Directions here.

    4. Cross-Stitch Phone Case

    For all of these embroidery-based ideas, you'll need to buy a case with pre-punched holes. You can buy them for about $10.

    5. Needlepoint Phone Cases

    Directions from The Purl Bee.

    6. Even More Needlepoint Phone Cases

    Directions also from The Purl Bee.

    7. Starry Phone Case

    8. Washi Tape Phone Case

    9. Confetti Phone Case

    Repurpose holiday glitter or confetti. Directions here.

    10. Knitted Owl Phone Cozy

    Pattern available on Ravelry.

    11. Crocheted Monster Phone Cozy

    12. Felt and Leather Phone Sleeve

    13. Polka Dot Phone Case

    14. Felt Phone Sleeve

    15. Sharpie Phone Case

    This idea comes from Craft Foxes.

    16. Glitter Phone Case

    17. Modge Podge Tablet Case

    18. Cabled Tablet Cover

    Buy the pattern here.

    19. Scalloped Felt Tablet Case

    20. Lace-Trimmed E-Reader Case

    21. Fabric Scrap E-Reader Case

    Directions here.

    22. Etch-A-Sketch Tablet Cover

    It goes without saying, but laptops are expensive and fragile and not all of these projects will cushion your precious baby as well as a more heavy-duty protective case. Use your judgement/please don't throw a burlap-swaddled Macbook Air down your stairs and expect it not to shatter.

    23. Geometric Laptop Sleeve

    24. Recycled Book Laptop Case

    Directions from Instructables. Supply your own jokes about the death of print.

    25. Totoro Laptop Bag

    26. Leather Laptop Sleeve

    Directions here.

    27. Leather Laptop Satchel

    28. Felt Phone, Laptop and Tablet Cases

    Patterns available here.

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