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8 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Their Own Craft Empires

Preserve your memories forever with Paris Hilton's collection of scrapbooking supplies. Or, like, don't.

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3. Vanna White

Okay, so anyone who's scoured the yarn mecca that is Jo-Ann Fabrics has definitely encountered the game show hostess' line of dusty-colored acrylic. It's a solid go-to, especially for home decor-type things (I once crocheted a whole bunch of baskets from this yarn when I didn't feel like giving my life savings to Anthropologie).

4. Rosie O'Donnell

This book, which was published on my 18th birthday (coincidence? Hardly.) features "bunny piñatas for spring, tie-dye T-shirts for summer, creepy costumes for Halloween, very merry garlands for the holidays, Valentine's Day bouquets, and much more." You can still buy it here. Also one time she and Martha Stewart did a bunch of decoupage together.


5. Marie Osmond

Remember Donny & Marie? Ever wondered what its crystal-studded female half has been up to since then? The answer is producing a line of quilting machines, including the perfectly-named "Marie Osmond EM1 Emotions 4x4 Embroidery Machine." They are, in another crippling loss to the DIY community, no longer being sold.

6. Tori Spelling

Much like Lauren Conrad, Tori Spelling has turned to blogging as of late (which was a good move mostly because she can and has named all of her craft demonstrations "tuTORIals"). To that end, she launched a "DIY jewelry" line at Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics, although it's kind of unclear how much you actually do yourself when purchasing pre-assembled necklaces. She's also received the coveted Martha seal of approval.

8. And of course, the king of under-the-radar celebrity-endorsed Pinterest fodder:

Twitter: @vanillaice

It's not a craft line (Ice has already done all the work for you) but between his chandeliers and his multiple shows on the DIY network, Vanilla Ice serves as a shining beacon for all celebrities looking to make the jump into making stuff.


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