7 Ways People Celebrated The "Pride And Prejudice" Bicentennial

    Pride and Prejudice was first published on January 28th, 1813. And people are still fanatical for the book.

    1. Cadbury celebrated the 200th anniversary by recreating scenes from the book, most importantly the one involving Mr. Darcy and his wet dress shirt.

    2. The BBC recreated the entire Netherfield Ball.

    3. Most publications covering the bicentennial began their stories with a variation on, "It is a truth universally acknowledged that [blah blah cute joke]."

    4. Bookstores, universities, museums, and fans around the world hosted readathons.

    Some were multi-lingual.

    5. Etsy was opportunistic, as always.

    6. Some people expressed their love with fan art.

    7. While others showed off their beloved copies of the novel.

    You can find a free copy of Pride & Prejudice here or listen to it for free here. (If you haven't heard of Libri Vox before, definitely check it out; it's a site where volunteers record public domain works and anyone can access them. It's basically how I got through college lit classes because it is much easier to knit while listening to a book than while attempting to read it.)

    Here's to the next 200 years.