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7 DIY Beauty Treatments Made With Booze

If for some reason you don't end up finishing your Champagne, margarita, or vodka, you can use it for skin treatments and nail art. I haven't tried any of these personally but people on the internet vouch for them.

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1. Margaritas make great body scrubs:

Beauty blogger Nancy Valentino claims that the tequila and lime work together to clarify and detoxify skin. Mix a cup of sea salt, two ounces of olive oil, three-quarters of an ounce of clear tequila, and the juice of one lime. Apparently, the tequila can also be substituted for Skinny Girl Margarita, because the last thing anyone wants is a fattening body scrub.

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2. Use vodka to create newsprint nail art:

This nail trend is striking, and easily achieved using the handle of vodka you've kept in your freezer for years but never actually seem to drink.

First, paint nails a light color. Then completely soak them in vodka for about five seconds and hold your chosen piece of newsprint over them for up to thirty seconds. Carefully peel back the paper, apply topcoat, and, what the hell, take a shot.


4. Or mouthwash:

In case you're ever moved to DIY mouthwash: SheKnows recommends mixing two cups of vodka with a quarter cup of cinnamon, letting the mixture sit in a sealed container for a week, then straining through a coffee filter and mixing with an equal measure of warm water.

5. Turn champagne into a detoxifying facial toner:

This idea comes from Michelle Phan, who suggests dampening a cotton pad with a small amount of chilled sparkling wine and wiping across clean skin, in order to help cut down on oil and detoxify. The Beauty Bean recommends only using this trick once or twice a week, since it's drying (and a sad waste of Champagne).

6. Beer makes your hair shiny and strong:

This is the first possibly productive use of warm, flat beer I've ever seen:

Venusian Glow suggests, once every couple of weeks, using about half a glass of light beer (that's been left open for a day or two) in order to rinse after shampooing; let it sit for about five minutes, then wash out and condition as usual. She also claims that you can mix beer with distilled water in a spray bottle as a styling aid. If you don't want to DIY your own beerspray — or, oh hey, smell like beer — Refinery 29 has a list of beer-based hair products you can buy.

7. Make a face mask out of red wine:

From Suite 101: Mix three tablespoons of red wine with Greek-style yogurt or Bentonite clay and leave on for about ten minutes in order to cut down on oil and acne, and to enrage your one friend who actually owns a carafe and likes to talk about "overtones" and "finishes."