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    33 Awesomely Festive Ideas For DIY Garlands

    Because decorations (for any occasion) only get better when you put them on a string.

    1. Geometric Bunting

    Christmas of the *future*. Directions here.

    2. Recycled Gift Bag Garland

    Use your old gift bags from Christmas and make a garland just in time for New Year's. Directions here.

    3. Pinecone Garland

    4. Felt Ghost Garland

    Perfect for Halloween, or a séance. Directions here.

    5. Fabric Scraps Bunting

    Directions here.

    6. Photo Garland

    7. Origami XO Garland

    Directions here.

    8. Curly-Q Garland

    9. You can also attach them to sticks for festive drinks.

    10. Space Garland

    11. Reused Garland Gift Wrap

    It's a quick way to spruce up a plain box.

    12. Pom-Pom Garland

    You can easily make your own pompoms out of yarn; they don't need to be purchased fully formed from the Craft Gods. Directions here.

    13. Acorn Garland

    14. Fortune Balloon Garland

    Directions here.

    15. Coffee-Filter Flower Garland

    16. Coffee-Filter Snowflakes

    Who knew coffee filters could become so many things?

    17. Map Garland

    Directions here.

    18. Washi Tape Bunting

    19. Sewn Leaf Garland

    20. Star Ornament Garland

    Directions here.

    21. Paper Flower Backdrop Garland

    Directions here.

    22. Ice Cream Cone Garland

    Perfect for a kid's birthday party. Directions here.

    23. Paint Chip Heart Garland

    Full tutorial here.

    24. Pac-Man Garland

    Directions here.

    25. Cupcake Wrapper Garland

    Directions here (in Italian).

    26. Doily Garland

    Directions here.

    27. Fruit Balloon Garland

    Find out how here.

    28. Leaf Garland

    29. Bell Garland

    Also if anyone in your house insists on jingling them constantly, you're totally within your rights to deny them any and all holiday presents. Directions here.

    30. Triangle Banner

    31. Felted Ball Garland

    32. Lettered Garland

    Full tutorial here.

    33. Complimentary Bunting

    There's a free template, plus instructions, that you can download here. Everyone will leave your party feeling on top of the world.

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