32 Awesome Last-Minute Gift Ideas

All are cheaper than $50 — and that’s even if you combine the pigs-in-a-blanket maker with the cat pipe.

1. Pigs-In-A-Blanket Maker, $19.99

Buy it here.

2. Horse Bit Socks, $28

Giddy-up. Get them here.

3. Pencil Ring, $40

Find it here.

4. Hangover Recovery Patch, $19.95 for set of 6

Get them here.

5. Cat Watch, $25.99

Get it here.

6. Planet Candle, $18

Buy it here.

7. PAPER Magazine Subscription, 8 issues for $4.97

The next best thing to actual MIA herself. Get it here.

8. Texting Gloves, $12.49 - $19.99

Buy them here.

This is my favorite photo from the item listing. It’s like they are beckoning you toward a life filled with cozy-fingered texting bliss.

9. Herbal Lip Balm, $20 for set of 3

Get it here.

10. Woodgrain Notebook, $13.50

Get it here.

11. LED Camera Pen, $8

Get it here.

12. At-Home Beer-Brewing Kit, $18.50

Get it here.

13. Sudoku Toilet Paper, $5

Gotta keep busy somehow. Get it here.

14. Keyboard Stickers, $10

Get it here.

15. Chemex Coffee Maker, $36.95

Get it here.

16. Totoro Slippers, $15.52

Buy them here.

17. Bear Flask, $18.95

Get it here.

There’s a fish version too.

18. LED Umbrella, $24.49


19. Burger Lighter, $1.99

Lighter burger. Get it here.

20. “The Sriracha Cookbook,” $11.55

Get it here.

21. Wire String Lights, $12

The wire makes for extremely easy wrapping. (And rapping [just kidding.]) Buy them here.

22. Dog Collage Backpack, $49

Buy it here.

23. Naked Eyeshadow Palette, $27

People go nuts over this palette because the colors supposedly look good on everyone. Get it here.

24. Pancakes Hat, $12

It actually says “Pizza & Pancakes,” which is a match made in gustatory heaven. Get it here.

25. Super Spork, $2.85

It comes in a whole bunch of colors so you can have a SPORK WARDROBE*. Get it here.

*my new DJ name.

26. 2013 Planner, $24.95

Usher in the new year. Buy it here.

27. Cat Pipe, $19

Buy it here.

28. Guitar Pick Punch, $30x

Buy it here.

29. Glow-In-The-Dark Nail Polish, $6

Buy it here.

30. “Fresh Fruits,” $19.87

Get it here.

31. Chalkboard Label Jars, $7 - $8.40

Get them here.

32. 90’s Trivial Pursuit, $12.95

Wow your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Buy it here.

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