30 Knockoff Products That Are Almost Better Than The Real Thing

I said “almost.”

1. These fine point Skerples.

2. This skeptical margarine.

Elyse Sewell / Via

3. This violent baking soda.

kafka4prez / Flickr: kafka4prez / Via Creative Commons

4. This blast from the past.


5. This faux-lebrity perfume.

6. These very literal would-be Oreos.

7. And these totally boring ones.

8. This mediocre hair care system.

9. This budget iPhone.

10. This beloved childhood cartoon merch.

11. And this one.

12. And this one?

13. These ~sleazy~ candies.

14. This convenience store with an identity crisis.

It’s on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn and a 7-Eleven just opened up across the street :(

15. And this coffee shop that just wants to do its own thing.

16. This collection of wannabe Mountain Dews.

Mountains Dew? Unclear.

17. And this plethora of Dr Peppers without doctorates.

18. This existential children’s game.

19. This game that just cannot.

21. This ice cream truck that only true connoisseurs would recognize as a fake.


22. This swashbuckling booze.

23. These indestructible pastries.

24. And these highly fancy ones.

25. This versatile meal.

26. This action franchise.

27. This coveted video game system.

28. This fine clothing/produce line.

29. And also this one.


30. This board that will tell you your whole damn future.

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