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30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Not so into the idea of buying a completely revealing Big Bird costume this year? You can DIY these outfits without much time or money and avoid the "sexy" black hole entirely.

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Use things you already have lying around the house:


If you want to be especially relevant, dress up as something from the news:


10. Or Paul Ryan:

Draw on a widow's peak with some eyeliner or shadow, powder your face extra pale, and if you happen to have a gigantic blazer lying around, throw that on, too. If you really want to take it easy, just print and cut out this handy mask.


Couple's costumes that won't make everybody hate you:

Group costumes are fun and low-stress (just make sure it still works even if one of your friends decides to leave the party):

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You know who absolutely loves Halloween (or at least doesn't have a firm enough grasp of the English language to communicate hatred)? Your baby!

And even if you're not into wearing a costume yourself, you can always dress up your pet: