27 DIY Costume Ideas For Your Pet

    Just because you have opposable thumbs and they don't doesn't mean you should get to have all the Halloween fun. (Most of these are for dogs because apparently cats and guinea pigs won't generally let you shove them into "outfits.")

    1. Dress your pet as the only thing you love more than her—bacon:

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    You can say it's Fakin' Bacon if you're a vegetarian or turkey bacon if you keep kosher. This idea comes from Instructables, which basically has all the DIY ideas you could ever need in a lifetime.

    2. A corn dog:

    3. Or a hot dog:

    4. In fact, you can dress your pet up as all kinds of foods, like a Hostess cupcake:

    5. And a taco:

    6. Baked potato:

    7. Making animals resemble other animals is an age-old pastime, like this lion-dog:

    8. Dinosaur:

    9. Dragon:

    10. Porcupine:

    11. Walrus:

    12. Here are some more of Echo's greatest looks, in case you need inspiration. He's been a spider:

    13. A scorpion:

    14. And E.T.:

    15. Speaking of beloved childhood movie icons, why not dress your pet like Princess Leia?

    16. Or an Ewok:

    17. Harry Potter:

    18. A Dalek from "Doctor Who:"

    19. Aladdin:

    20. Wonder Woman:

    21. Don Draper from "Mad Men:"

    22. Now for the Halloween classics, like this fake knife wound bandana:

    23. Ghosts:

    24. Guinea pigs make great prisoners:


    26. The devil:

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    This video shows how to make a dog costume but it works for cats too.

    27. If all else fails, just act like you don't care and make your pet be a hipster: