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    27 DIY Costume Ideas For Your Pet

    Just because you have opposable thumbs and they don't doesn't mean you should get to have all the Halloween fun. (Most of these are for dogs because apparently cats and guinea pigs won't generally let you shove them into "outfits.")

    1. Dress your pet as the only thing you love more than her—bacon:

    View this video on YouTube

    You can say it's Fakin' Bacon if you're a vegetarian or turkey bacon if you keep kosher. This idea comes from Instructables, which basically has all the DIY ideas you could ever need in a lifetime.

    2. A corn dog:

    AND it's a pun? You may as well just stop reading this list right now. Again, from Instructables.

    3. Or a hot dog:

    This crochet pattern is available from Caron, in case you've ever wanted strangers to stop and ask you why you're crocheting a hot dog the size of a dachshund.

    4. In fact, you can dress your pet up as all kinds of foods, like a Hostess cupcake:

    Instructions available at Sew Doggy Style. (Great.)

    5. And a taco:

    6. Baked potato:

    Cons: he won't be able to move and this is kind of horrible. Pros: AWWWWWWWWW! All this costume requires is some tin foil and a (fake, please, if you value your guinea pig at all) pat of butter.

    7. Making animals resemble other animals is an age-old pastime, like this lion-dog:

    His "WHY ME?" face totally matches the lion's. Find out how to make this at Puppy in Training.

    8. Dinosaur:

    Martha Stewart is a goddess who knows exactly what this world needs.

    9. Dragon:

    This is substantively different than the dinosaur and if you disagree then we have nothing more to say to each other. Directions here.

    10. Porcupine:

    This costume involves using fiber optics to illuminate the quills. I've never actually seen a porcupine that lights up but if Martha says so then it must be real.

    11. Walrus:

    This dog's name is Echo and his owner takes great pleasure in dressing him up. Directions available at Instructables.

    12. Here are some more of Echo's greatest looks, in case you need inspiration. He's been a spider:

    Martha Stewart provides instructions for how to make a similar costume.

    13. A scorpion:

    Find these directions here.

    14. And E.T.:

    Wrap your pet in a blanket and stick it in the basket of a bike. (Can't promise it'll stay there, but you can probably get in some cute pictures first.)

    15. Speaking of beloved childhood movie icons, why not dress your pet like Princess Leia?

    Instructions from Makezine.

    16. Or an Ewok:

    17. Harry Potter:

    18. A Dalek from "Doctor Who:"

    Are you a Doctor Who fan? Do you knit? And own a dog? You're welcome. Thanks to Ravelry user PeachKraft for the pattern.

    19. Aladdin:

    This is probably the only way you'll be able to dress up a cat. From Spindles and Spices.

    20. Wonder Woman:

    21. Don Draper from "Mad Men:"

    More like DOG DRAPER. (I'm sorry.) The instructions for this necktie are really simple; getting your dog to wear it might be less so.

    22. Now for the Halloween classics, like this fake knife wound bandana:

    If this isn't too gruesome to handle, find the directions at Sew Doggy Style.

    23. Ghosts:

    Instructions here.

    24. Guinea pigs make great prisoners:


    According to the blogger from whom this idea came, her guinea pig wore the costume for about 30 seconds before wiggling out of it. Nice thought, though.

    26. The devil:

    View this video on YouTube

    This video shows how to make a dog costume but it works for cats too.

    As long as you ignore the seething resentment.

    27. If all else fails, just act like you don't care and make your pet be a hipster:

    This pattern, which involves converting one of your old sweaters into a dog vest, might not have originally been intended as a costume, but it's perfect if you want your dog to look like he interns for an indie record label and drinks kombucha from a mason jar.