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    27 Awesome And Unexpected Menorahs

    Don't let menorahs be the thing you don't remember you need until the first day of Hanukkah. Get something fabulous and fun for those eight days of candle-lighting now.

    1. You can buy a Lego menorah:

    2. A cat menorah!

    3. A sea monster menorah:

    4. A felt menorah (even kids can light it because there's no actual fire):

    5. A modern menorah:

    6. An infinity menorah:

    7. A musical menorah:

    8. A puzzle menorah:

    9. A snail menorah:

    10. A rainbow cone menorah:

    11. A mustache menorah:

    12. A colorful ceramic menorah:

    13. A Hassidic rabbi menorah:

    14. A mah-jongg tile menorah:

    15. A concrete menorah:

    16. Or a tree branch menorah:

    17. If you're into DIY, make your own cupcake menorah:

    18. Use Pez dispensers:

    19. Make one out of spray-painted glass bottles:

    20. Or spray-paint pasta:

    21. Make a modular menorah:

    22. Create an industrial menorah out of pipes:

    23. Use building blocks:

    24. Or Plexiglass:

    25. Or pool noodles:

    26. Always wanted to learn to solder? Buy this DIY kit:

    27. Go the extra mile and knit a cozy menorah pillow: