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    26 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Hacks

    Just found out that you're hosting eight people for the holidays and don't own a single ornament? Use stuff you already have lying around the house to put together a festive holiday in no time.

    1. Make window snowflakes with a glue gun

    Directions here.

    2. Pinecones make great decorations, but bake them first to eliminate bugs.

    Setting the oven to 200 degrees and baking for 45 minutes should do the trick.

    3. Use paint chips to make gift tags.

    Or buy these on Etsy.

    4. Make these pinecone gnome ornaments.

    Directions here.

    5. Paint pinecones for quick, versatile decorations.

    They'd make awesome ornaments or look great clustered in a bowl. Full directions here.

    6. Don't have a Christmas tree? Make one out of books!

    This idea comes from Family Sponge.

    7. Artfully-arranged books on a shelf can become a Christmas tree as well.

    8. Print out a template to fold your own paper ornaments.

    Printables are perfect. Get this one here.

    9. Cotton balls can become a quick Santa beard.

    Doesn't matter how old you are.

    10. Make paper plate Christmas angels for centerpieces.

    It's a great activity for kids, too. Martha Stewart has the instructions.

    11. Make a scarf wreath.

    As long as it's a scarf you don't care about messing up. Directions here.

    12. For last-minute wrapping, decorate a brown box with nail polish.

    13. Use brads to turn plain paper into studded gift wrap.

    Yet another reason to steal from the office supplies closet at work. Directions here.

    14. Coffee filters easily become snowflakes.

    Use them for ornaments or window decorations.

    15. Make mini wreaths out of shower curtain pulls

    Wrap yarn around them, adding a drop or two of glue to hold everything in place.

    16. Turn your fridge into a snowman.

    All it takes is some paper, scissors and tape.

    17. Turn metal washers into snowflakes.

    Directions here.

    18. Print out these tree napkin rings to easily spruce up your table.

    Yes, "spruce up" is a tree pun. No, I do not feel guilty in the slightest. Template available here.

    19. Make snow globes out of jars.

    Directions here.

    20. Craft a cardboard Christmas tree.

    21. For a dorm room or a super-last-minute tree, use duct tape and lights.

    22. Turn wine glasses upside down for quick votives.

    23. Wrap cookies using foil or plastic wrap containers.

    Full directions here.

    24. When it's time to put everything away, store string lights without tangling them by wrapping them around pieces of cardboard.

    They can be piled neatly in boxes this way too.

    25. Pack ornaments in egg cartons.

    26. Store candles in paper towel tubes to keep them from getting ruined.

    So you can use them again for New Year's!