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    24 Clever DIY Ways To Light Your Home

    Everything from a tree stump to a plastic spoon can become a light fixture.

    1. Mason jars can become a simple hanging light.

    2. Bust out your decoupage skills and use plastic cups to make these colorful string lights.

    The instructions are in Swedish but that's why we have Google Translate.

    3. Use bendy bamboo to create these pendant lamps.

    Find the directions at Crafty Nest.

    4. Make an orb light using paper.

    This project comes from Design Sponge.

    5. Here are two more ideas for paper lanterns, one with flowers and one with pom-poms.

    Directions from Crafty Nest.

    6. Turn an empty wine bottle into an outdoor sconce.

    Just don't drink the wine immediately before attempting this project, since you'll be working with an open flame.

    7. Make this beautiful chandelier using wax paper.

    8. Plastic spoons and a water jug can become a light with great texture.

    9. A balloon, glue and some doilies make a unique orb lamp.

    Paint doilies with glue, then arrange them however you want across an inflated balloon, making sure to leave a hole large enough for the lightbulb. When it's dry and hardened, pop the balloon with a pin and run hanging lamp hardware through the hole.

    10. Use pieces of wood to make a cube light.

    Vintage Revivals has the instructions (and it's a great excuse to buy a nail gun).

    11. Or wire to make an orb lamp.

    Directions available here.

    12. Paper petal lamps look like upside down flowers.

    These easy instructions are available from Martha Stewart.

    13. Cotton batting can make a cloud light.

    The directions recommend using flameless candles that don't generate much heat.

    14. Turn Dixie cups into a light-up garland.

    15. Cupcake papers can work too.

    16. Make a lamp you already have more special with Sharpie.

    Very Irie describes how she made hers.

    17. Or customize it with vinyl stickers.

    This idea comes from FontCrafts.

    18. Monogram your shade.

    Find out how here.

    19. Get rid of all those extra bowler hats you have lying around with this project.

    20. Punch painted cans and turn them into mini lights.

    This idea is by Lowe's, which describes the finished product as "in-can-descent."

    21. Use straws to make a chandelier.

    22. Repurpose a tree stump.

    Get the directions from Lydia Pudel.

    It looks great even without a lampshade.

    23. Make a vaguely nautical woven rope lamp.

    24. Use old books as a base.

    Just think long and hard about all the knowledge you are destroying. Directions here.

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