24 Quirky Calendars To Ring In The New Year

2013 is quickly approaching, and iCals are so boring. These also make affordable last-minute holiday gifts.

1. Three Corgis Calendar, $18

“hi.” “Hi.” “HI.” Buy it here.

2. Hidden Word Calendar, $22.50

Subliminal. Get it here.

3. Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, $14

Get the mensch of your dreams here.

4. Bubble-Wrap Calendar, $24

You’ll get a tiny pang of satisfaction every single day for the next year. Buy it here.

5. Chalkboard Calendar, $30

Available here.

6. Cats-Wearing-Clothes Calendar, $45

They’re wearing trendy minimalist outfits by United Bamboo. Available here.

7. How Was Was Your Day? Calendar, €9.95

Stay in touch with your emotions. Buy it here.

8. DIY Paint Chip Calendar

You may not have gotten around to actually painting that accent wall, but at least you can do something productive with all those chips. Get the directions here.

9. “On This Day” Perpetual Calendar, $25

On each day, rub the corresponding heat-sensitive black box and get an interesting brainy factoid. Usable with dry erase marker. Get it here.

Watch this video to see how it works.

10. Full Moon Calendar, $30

Buy it here.

11. Cut-Out Numbers Calendar, £16.50

Get it here.

The compact packaging makes it perfect for gift-giving.

12. Instagram Calendar, $40

This company prints out 365 of your (or a friend’s) Instagrams to make this one-a-day calendar.

13. Fold-Your-Own-Zombie Calendar, $14.99

Get it here, if there even is a 2013 after the fast-approaching apocalypse.

14. Toaster Calendar, $22

Get it here.

15. Mini Desk Calendar

SO TEENY. Available here.

16. “Gangnam Style” Printable PSY Calendar, $5

Printables are the future, man.

17. Vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar, $20

Buy it here. There are a few of these available on Etsy at any given time; just search “vintage perpetual desk calendar.”

18. “Spirited Away” Calendar, $46.50

:(((( Get it here.

19. Cat Desk Calendar, $20

Buy it here.

20. LEGO Calendar, $14.99

This is great except for when you inevitably lose that one tricky piece and skip an entire day of your life. Get it here.

21. DIY Vintage Postcard Journal Calendar

This idea is more of a journal than a calendar. Fill a small box or carton with index cards, and use vintage postcards to separate each month. Flip to the current date and at the end of the day, write down something that happened.

22. Tape Measure Calendar, £5.00

One item, two functions. Get it here.

23. Calendar Dishtowels, $32

Buy them here.

24. Magnet Perpetual Calendar, $29.99

Perfect for the fridge. Buy here.

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