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24 Cute And Incredibly Useful Gift Wrap DIYs

Even if you run out of wrapping paper or ribbon or boxes you can still make a gift look fabulous with things you have lying around the house. Because, let's face it, what's on the outside does count.

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3. Dip a box or gift bag in confetti:

After wrapping your present, cover one end in double-stick tape and dip it in confetti. Glitter would work too, although your friend or loved one might not forgive you if it means they'll be covered in it for the rest of their earthly days. This idea comes from Tokketok.


9. Wrap a plant in a square of pretty paper or fabric: / Via

Just make sure you're giving it to someone who won't go away for a week and forget to water it, leaving it to shrivel and die on their window sill. (Not that I would know a thing about that.) Find out how here.

11. Wrap a gift using an old shirt:

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This incredible tutorial was inspired by artist Jenn Playford, who wrote an entire book on wrapping gifts with fabric.


20. And maps:

Find maps for really cheap in thrift stores, or just use the ones you've had in the glove compartment since 2007 when you kicked off your deep, meaningful, often contentious relationship with your GPS. This idea comes from Squidoo.

24. Make a personalized word-search:

You can buy this wrapping paper, or if you have access to an oversized printer, you can easily make it yourself on Word. (Don't make fun of me, Internet, I really, really like Word.)