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23 Insanely Clever Products You Need In Your Life

Having a paycheck sure was fun while it lasted.

1. A bag re-sealer.

2. A shower wineglass holder.

3. A safe with a timer to help you avoid temptation.

4. Spice containers that automatically measure out exactly how much you need.

5. A thermometer that works through your smartphone and provides treatment advice.

6. An atomizer for your citrus.

7. A beach bag with a mesh bottom.

8. A magnetic wristband to keep screws, nails, and needles close by when you're working on a project.

9. A cooler that does literally everything.

10. Combo scissors/tape.

11. A highlighter that uploads scanned text to your computer.

12. A cake mold for individual slices.

13. A dustpan that cleans your broom.

14. A microchip-activated pet food bowl.

15. Sheets that actually tell you how to orient them.

16. An LED faucet that makes hot water look red and cold water look blue.

17. A dual showerhead/wireless speaker.

18. An inflatable pillow tie.

19. A freestanding badminton net.

20. A hook that makes carrying a ton of bags way easier and more comfortable.

21. A portable laundry pod.

22. A hands-free book holder.

23. A razor pod that protects blades and keeps them sharp.

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