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    23 DIY Projects Inspired By Snow

    Stay warm and cozy even while a storm rages outside. Hot cocoa optional, but very highly recommended (spiked, if need be).

    1. Mason Jar Snow Globe

    2. Snow Nails

    3. Snowman Cake Pops

    Directions here (in Dutch).

    4. Snowflake Necklace

    5. Miniature Popsicle Stick Sleds

    6. Gingerbread Snowflakes

    7. Bath Snow

    To make any tub festive. Directions here.

    8. Knitted Mochimochi Snowmen

    Pattern available on Ravelry.

    9. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

    10. Snow Cone Garland

    Wrong season, right idea. Directions here.

    11. Snowflake Lunch

    This works whether your kids (or you) get to stay home or not. Directions here.

    12. Felt Snowball Ornaments

    Perfect for Christmas or any other time of year you want a little cheer. Directions from The Purl Bee.

    13. Snow Monster Cupcakes

    Bumble was just misunderstood. Find out how to make these from Sugar Swings.

    14. Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes

    Directions here.

    15. Stemware Snowglobe

    Directions here.

    16. Chevron Paper Snowflakes

    Directions here.

    17. Crocheted Snowflake Blanket

    Pattern available from Berroco.

    18. Indoor Snowball Fight

    19. When it's stopped storming and you can venture outside, try making a variation on a boring old snowman, like this snow skull.

    Use a shovel with a sharp edge to smooth corners and hollow out the eyes and nose.

    20. Snow Walrus

    Will definitely require a stepladder and/or parent.

    21. Snow Castle

    Apparently this one involves a variety of tools, so you may want to leave it to the professionals. Good inspiration, though.

    22. Rainbow Igloo

    It was made with about 500 milk cartons. You've probably got at least that many lying around, right?

    23. Snow Writing

    Just use food coloring (you can dilute it with water if you want to make it last longer). The best part about this project is anyone can do it, no matter how small.

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