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22 Unconventional Gifts To Show Someone You Love Them

Oh, you already got your significant other a Valentine's Day card? Cute.

1. Say it with bacon.

2. And/ or eggs.

3. Turn them on (or something) with lingerie cookies.

4. Buy them a bag full of JUST MARSHMALLOW Lucky Charms.

5. Sign up your loved one for a sock-of-the-month club.

6. It would be totally romantic to capture your paramour a firefly, but let's be real: you're not going to do that.

7. Personalize a mug for your beloved.

8. Think mugs are lame? Personalize a bottle of wine instead.

9. Make them a BuzzFeed post.

10. Two words: bacon toothpaste. Two more: cupcake toothpaste.

11. Get them a terrarium.

12. This is an endlessly-replenishing electronic bubble wrap keychain.

13. And this is a heart-shaped handwarmer.

14. Buy or make coupons for romantic activities.

15. What's better than one of those scalp massagers you always wanted to try at the mall? Three of them!

16. Protect their delicate skull.

17. And protect their phone with this amazing Magna-Doodle case.

18. Show them how hot you think they are with the world's hottest grow-it-yourself pepper.

19. Now they can wear their heart on their sleeve.

20. Send them a balloon surprise.

21. Instead of the usual flowers, buy a bouquet-shaped USB hub.

22. Make a piñata out of Post-Its.