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21 Handy Tricks For Living Your Daily Life Like James Bond

At least in terms of his dapper personal grooming; you don't necessarily need to focus on the misogyny and regular brushes with death.

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3. Shave with a straight razor.

Don't worry, your level of manliness isn't actually dictated by whatever device you happen to shave with. But if you feel like having a major Bond grooming moment: straight razor shaving instructions are here.


4. Use a disposable razor to shave (and thereby save) a pilly piece of clothing.

Bond wouldn't be caught dead with fuzzballs on his sweater. Also, this is a great way to use all those plastic razors you won't need now that you have your straight one.


9. Learn how to salsa.

It's not really that hard and will impress everyone around you when you're at balls and other fancy parties. And if you're truly hopeless, just make a bunch of martinis and they'll never remember.


18. A dab of clear nail polish will keep it from falling off again.

Even if you don't have clear polish, you probably live with/know a woman who would be happy to lend it to you. (For added espionage, you could always steal it and replace it without her noticing.)


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